Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Recapitulating time...

Any reason posted as to why I have not made an update would simply be an excuse, in order to catch people up, Here is a pictoral summary with minor descriptions of the photo. I will try to be more regular in my postings as I realize people enjoy reading them.

Awesome Salad that was available at the wedding
Banana Leaf meal that was served at the wedding
Great live music which was at the wedding
Man making dosa at the wedding
The kitchen at the wedding
This is for Caitlin
Hindu Temple we visited which was at Halibad, about 120 KM from Bangalore
This is the entrance to a temple at Belur, around 120 KM from Bangalore...
My feet, and carved feet, which are supposed to be Vishnu's (a Hindu God) which are located outside of the temple at Belur, which is dedicated to Vishnu
Steps which we had to climb to reach the top of a mountain with Jain Temples.

There will be more photos in awhile, alas it is late and the internet connection seems to be dwindling to a slow haphazard walk...akin to the 56k days, ok maybe not that bad.

Thank you