Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kids and Kittens

There is a hotel across the street from my college called "Hotel Rajesh". Hotels in India are often not hotels at all, rather they just feed you food; incredibly amazing, awesomely good food. This particular hotel's portions feed about three people and cost roughly $.50 for an amazing amount. Classmates and I often times venture across the street to get some lunch. My schoolmate Jon, who is from Rochester, New York, and I went across the road the other day and were waiting for our roti's (bread), dhal (lentil vegetable soup type liquid) and rice to be served up. We were watching the process of the roti being spread out on a flat surface and fried over open coals, when out of the shop next to us this little child (at left) came running out with a kitten in its arms. It was so adorable, and made even more so by the fact that the kitten was very complacent and seemed quite content to be right where it was at. It made no fuss to get away and the child just walked around. Jon and I were both taken with this child and Jon happened to have his camera and snapped this photo. It seems in India whenever you pull out a camera, everyone wants their photo taken so we snapped a few more of the man making our food and various personages. We then went back to ICMIS and ate our food on the terrace (roof).

This weekend is the wedding of Michael and I's hostmother's son. We are going to be dressed in full Indian Garb and I will be sure to have a write up including pictures sometime next week. Until then, enjoy this wonderful photo!



Blogger Diane said...

Oh Thaddeus the 'gush' factor is very high with this picture :) That child is adorable, as is the kitten. Love, Mom

6:47 PM  
Anonymous caitlin said...

ohhhh! so cute! they are buddies! and look at the little payal (anklets) the boy is wearing! is this the first indian wedding you will have attended?? That is so exciting!! Have fun!

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Georgia said... the little child is a boy! Mother and i were is quite a different culture.
Every day someone is surprised that you are in India, and every day I teach them why you went: because you love India for its people and its spirituality.
Love, Georgia

4:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, are you ever going to get Skype?!?


1:33 AM  
Anonymous Georgia said...

Dear Thaddeus,
I was re-reading your blogs and was reflecting on how proud I am of you and your efforts in this world. Many people are attracted to your light, the light shining from you because of your efforts in advancing the Cause of Baha'u'llah. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your influence and guidance.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Melon said...

i love this post and the photo!! fantastic!! I want to go to india sometime...

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Thaddeus!!!
I kind of spaced off the fact that you have a blog, so I had to do some catch-up reading. It sounds AMAZING. I've never been out of the country (or away from Aurora for more than 10 days, for that matter) so I cannot even conceive of what it would be like to explore the other side of the planet.
I really liked the story about walking into a wedding; sometimes situations are more hilarious the more awkward they get. I also loved the part about flying over villages in Iran. That would be such a moving experience.
Continue to have an amazing experience on your educational and spiritual journey. I'll look forward to your next blog, and I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Much love,

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Sepideh said...

aww... that picture is so cute!

can't wait to see pics of u dressed up in full Indian Garb. :)

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the wedding! Have a great time. I really miss you.


5:47 AM  
Anonymous Natalie Group said...

Wow!I can't believe you are in India. I sent a message to Molly on MYSpace and she told me. I sent you a message on myspace...check it when you can. We should catch up. I hope you are enjoying yourself. :)

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Natalie Group said...

Wow!I can't believe you are in India. I sent a message to Molly on MYSpace and she told me. I sent you a message on myspace...check it when you can. We should catch up. I hope you are enjoying yourself. :)

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Thaddeus,
Wherever you go, there is light. Chuck and I have missed you immensely! I met an auburn-haired Muslim lady from Bangalore a few years back. Malik-taj Aktar from Topeka. The stereotypical red-headed complexion I associate with Ireland.
I imagine if you run into any of those in B-lore, the family trees may intertwine? I love it when seeming non-sequiturs catch me unawares. Bone-squeezing hugs--Missing your light! Sharon Milde

4:28 AM  
Anonymous caitlin said...

have you been having dandya fun?? man... i am so sad b/c i JUST now found out that last night the ku cultural india club had a night of dandya at the ks union. dancing, mehndi, food, and fun! aack! so sad i missed it! but i hope you made it to a dandya night there!!!

Team Bangalore!!

all the best,

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thaddeus your blogging is very sub-par. What is this a monthly publication?

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

Oh my beautiful Thaddeus!!! I have been thinking of you and praying for you every day! I knew that you would fall in love with India and It is so awesome that you can share it with everyone that you love. Sorry it took me so long to finally get on here. This is good stuff, I'm so intrigued by it all. The sweet little baby on top is the most gorgeous image I have ever seen. I will never get it out of my mind. Ahhh!! Keep on amazing this world! Wow!
Always Believe,
Oh and I'm totally in love with Portland! I've never been better!

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Thaddeus,
I confess that I have been opening this link frequently with the voracity of the blog-addicted. When I see the lovely picture posted Sept. 7th YET AGAIN I press the refresh button with hope for a new entry, but to no avail!!
Please post again, Thaddeus.


7:25 PM  
Anonymous caitlin said...

have to agree with the ones who hunger for thaddeus-related news. where's the blogging??
want to listen to the podcast that you're featured on, but i'm using the computers at ku and keep forgetting my headphones... blah!
btw... if the indian postal service doesnt rifle thru a certain package i may or may not be sending... you may or may not be receiving something..... probably like 2 months after i may or may not send it....

1:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Caitlin!

Yes I must caution you and all others who wish to send Thaddeus a package. I mailed a package to him on August 31st, sending it Global Priority, thru our u.s. postal service. He never got it......sigh.........lovely soaps for Geeta his host mom and two debit cards for him (long story). Those will soon be cancelled. I tried again to mail him yet another debit card and this time sent it by UPS! From the door of the vet clinic here (small town businesses often wear more than one 'hat') to his front door. That one got to him and cost fifty bucks to send and got to him in less than one use caution in what you send, but you know that :)

And Thaddeus your public is anxious to hear word of your adventures :)

Love, Mom

7:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

um, the above post is from Thaddeus's Mom and not Caitlin's Mom!! As is this one :)

Love, Mom

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Molly said...

I reckon that our beloved Thaddeus has immersed himself so into the Indian culture that he is now entering what I refer to as the "separation period" of studying abroad, where contact with loved ones (which are still of course loved!) gets a little scarcer because he is adjusting to his new and fabulous life. This is normal. Sometimes your days abroad just fill up so must you are too exhausted to blog every great/wierd/intersting/bad thing that happened that day. Live the here and now, I say! And of course I want a bloody new entry as well.

~Molly, with a PhD in Psychosis

11:56 AM  
Anonymous cait said...

hey thaddeus... i was wondering if you could do me a favor? i am trying to get find out how much bus fare in india is. do you know of a local website that would have times and fares listed. i googled it here but got no luck.

12:47 PM  
Blogger King of Vegetable said...

I'll see what I can come up with Caitlin!

11:31 PM  

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