Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kids and Kittens

There is a hotel across the street from my college called "Hotel Rajesh". Hotels in India are often not hotels at all, rather they just feed you food; incredibly amazing, awesomely good food. This particular hotel's portions feed about three people and cost roughly $.50 for an amazing amount. Classmates and I often times venture across the street to get some lunch. My schoolmate Jon, who is from Rochester, New York, and I went across the road the other day and were waiting for our roti's (bread), dhal (lentil vegetable soup type liquid) and rice to be served up. We were watching the process of the roti being spread out on a flat surface and fried over open coals, when out of the shop next to us this little child (at left) came running out with a kitten in its arms. It was so adorable, and made even more so by the fact that the kitten was very complacent and seemed quite content to be right where it was at. It made no fuss to get away and the child just walked around. Jon and I were both taken with this child and Jon happened to have his camera and snapped this photo. It seems in India whenever you pull out a camera, everyone wants their photo taken so we snapped a few more of the man making our food and various personages. We then went back to ICMIS and ate our food on the terrace (roof).

This weekend is the wedding of Michael and I's hostmother's son. We are going to be dressed in full Indian Garb and I will be sure to have a write up including pictures sometime next week. Until then, enjoy this wonderful photo!